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Dominic Utton
writer and editor
Dead End Close

My latest novel, Dead End Close, is published on the Kindle Store by The Odyssey Press.

Publisher's blurb below, please click on the cover to order.

The people here – they’re not so pretty. But they are at least real…


This is Oxford.


The real Oxford.


Not the dreaming spires and punting. Not the bicycles and tourists. Not the gowned academics and sandstone colleges.


This is Dead End Close.


Seven houses and their inhabitants: different people, different lives, brought together in one cul-de-sac… and all with the sinister feeling that someone is watching and steering the events that unfold around its residents.


Seven houses, seven deadly secrets and before long, all begin to converge.


Who or what can save them?


Dead End Close is a thrilling literary tale filled with colourful characters and set against the backdrop of the true Oxford.

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